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Posted: January 10, 2020

Job Description

At TopEdit we provide top level language and scientific editing services to researchers whose first language is not English, and we believe that draft manuscripts plus our professional editing service will lead to publication and scientific impact.

As our editor, you will primarily edit the language of manuscripts, including grammatical problems, inaccurate words, and expressions that are unclear, weak, verbose, and/or repetitive. In addition, you will add deep edits to ensure clear sentence structures, smooth transitions, and straightforward phrasings, by inserting comments, constructive advices, as well as rewritings. Our top level service require the editors to review and revise both the language (grammatical problems, inaccurate words, weak expressions, etc.) and the scientific presentation (smoothness, coherence, logic flow, argument and organization) of the manuscript, by adding substantive comments, constructive advices, as well as rewritings. Depending on the editing quality and level of service, we offer $35-75 per 1000 English words.

• A graduate-level degree in scientific fields of botany, bioinformatics, and engineering.
• At least two first-author, peer-reviewed scientific publications in your field.
• Post-degree professional experience preferred .

If you are interested, please send over 5-10 general keywords describing the broad areas you can work with as an editor (as if you can understand and review research papers in the field), and 5-10 specific keywords of your research field of expertise (as if you can write research papers in the field). We will screen applicants by sending a short sample text in your field for editing.

Please contact Anqi Xing at
Location: Remote
Rate: $35 - 75 per 1000 words

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